Monday, March 4, 2013

A pearl of a girl- A Patti Smith yarnbomb

So, a co-worker recommended the Patti Smith biography, Just Kids.  And I know I have a knack for hyperbole, but believe me when I say this is my favorite book of the year, and it's only March.  I know it came out like 2 years ago and won awards, and I'm late to the boat and all that jazz, but it was so so so so good.  A friend pointed out that I love stories about starving artists living in hotels (i.e. Ask the Dust), which maybe be true.  There is just something to be said for being dirt poor and living with almost complete uncertainty.  The only actual certainty being that you should be exactly where you are and not in middle of nowhere Missouri, or New Jersey or where ever it is you might be from, even if you've been offered full scholarships to your state university. Why do that when you can sleep on a mattress you got used from a porno company?

That said, there's an anecdote Patti Smith tells in Just Kids about knowing Janis Joplin.  She sees Janis at a party flirting with this guy, and he's flirting back, but he ends up leaving with some vapid hanger-on groupie type.  Janis looks at the room and says something like "that's my life man."  I read this, and I'm like "this is janis joplin..who passes up the chance to be with janis joplin"  I love janis joplin.  like love her. she's odd and unconventional, and beautiful and she has soul.  and she's tragic.  what's not to love seriously?  anyway, Patti Smith goes on to say how she saw Janis at a later her room at the Chelsea Hotel, and Janis asks Patti how she looks, and Patti responds "like a pearl of a girl."  It's such a sweet statement isn't it?  a pearl of a girl.  I want to be a pearl of a girl.  It just sounds nice, and the words kept swimming in my head. (I'm not entirely sure, but we all know Janis has an album called Pearl....perhaps the inspiration came from Patti?).

So I give you "...a pearl of a girl" as a yarn bomb.  I put it up on Sunset Blvd in Echo Park by the Time Travel Mart and the Echo and Origami Vinyl.  because...I don't seemed right.  I took the color inspiration from the recently defunct Colby Poster Printing Company.  Because if you're going to put something on a pole in los angeles...why not make it look like an iconic poster?

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