Monday, October 10, 2011


So Finnegan (my ridiculously charming 3 1/2 year old) and I recently discovered Andy Runton's book Owly & Wormy Friends All Aflutter.

I have always been hesitant to get Finnegan books without words.  It requires a lot of storytelling ability on my part, and Finnegan's willingness to go along with what I say is going on in a picture, but we absolutely loved this book, and I really hope more full color Owly book are in the works.  The black and white volumes are great too, but 3 year olds love color, and Owly is so adorable in color.  That said, I love crocheting a good cuddly critter.  So, I give you Owly:


  1. Hey there!
    Mind if I post his on my site in the fan-art section?
    He's super-cute! ^,^

  2. Sure! That would be you want one? I'd be happy to send're the inspiration after all!

  3. I love Owly! Great job on the stuffed critter.