Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My birthday...and more giant robot gushing

So, it was my birthday...and I got loads of awesome gifts from awesome friends, but my awesome dear friend Tony d'Amato drew this crochet related comic for me.  It is officially a family treasure.

In other news, Giant Robot emailed me to let me know one of my little blue totoros had a wonky eye, so I drove by today to replace it, and found out they'd already sold out of the couple of grey totoros I'd given them, so that's terribly cool.  A picture of the dolls they had left in their new retail home:

I got the blue one back, and I might just keep him wonky in the eye because he's got that cool giant robot tag.  He's my little reject, and I shall love him forever.

Current Project:  A terribly elaborate birthday present, but it's hush hush you understand, and here's hoping it turns out.

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