Monday, August 15, 2011

Musical Journey: Part 1

So, when I worked with Dez on the yarnbombing 18th exhibit, I was totally inspired by all the great work around me.  I decided I was going to start working on my own ambitious project inspired by my own musical journey, which I'm rediscovering with my kid.  Growing up my dad listened to oldies...old sock hop doo wop R & B type oldies.  I loved them.  I still love them.  Ask finnegan to sing you Earth Angel...he can do it.  Then as a young teenager, a boy who sat behind me in health class loaned me his NOFX punk in drublic cassette tape (did i just age myself?) and I was from then on a punk rock fan.  Now, I listen to stuff like Iron and Wine and Bon Iver because they appeal to my literarture lovin' poetic nature, but all of it....all the punk rock anthems about growing up to the sweet folky sam beam songs are part of who i am, and who finnegan is becoming.  It's so fun digging up the songs I'd grown tired of listening to, and seeing finnegan experience them for the first time.

these days listening to a song mostly means firing up the itunes...but i long for the nostalgia of sitting on a living room floor pulling out vinyl records.  this was never really my reality, but i have a romanticized notion of it in my i'm going to create it as I see it, as I would want it to be if I was spending an afternoon with Finnegan listening to my version of "the greats".  So I give you a sample of what I'm aiming for.  The first vinyl album recreation is for The Clash's London Calling.  It's an iconic image...guitar being smashed...I really love how this turned out.  So, let me know what you think.

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