Sunday, August 7, 2011

I think I know it all: a less than jake yarn bomb

I've seen Less than Jake in excess of 30-40 times. You just lose count after a while. I could tell you that I've seen them open for Bon Jovi...twice. Or that they once paid me a 100 bucks to sell merch for them in Canada. I would have done it for free....suckers. I could tell you that they're decent guys, and that I met them for the first time when I was 17....and they didn't take advantage of my extreme naivete, and that's something you can only really appreciate 10+ years later. I could tell you that I met my first roommate through them...and my third...I could tell you that the bass player once called my parents sketchy..and I don't blame him...

The last time I saw them, I was 21..until today. Its been 8 years, and I'm almost 30 now (on sept 24th..where has the time gone? no.... seriously. where did it go?) I'm taking my 3 year old to see them at the Warped Tour in Carson, CA.... because he's awesome, and he likes less than jake, and I totally get it. They're full of energy. and they're fun. and they're loud. not unlike my 3 year old. I hope I get a chance to say hi.

The yarnbomb, a boy shooting a pezgun, holds bit of a double significance. Not only is the image from their vinyl picture disc for their album pezcore, but it's also a tattoo on my back. The tattoo was an image I got out of a Pez collector's book before I knew the picture disc existed. It's a tattoo I forget I have, but it makes me smile when I see it...and remember the awkward pierced little freak that I once was (and still am on the inside) .

So, this is my last stop on this artistic experience. I'm going out of town 2 more times this summer, but this yarn bomb will be the last in this series I'm calling in my head "yarn the road" I have an idea for a new potential exhibit piece. Hopefully I can make it happen. Also, I have to start preparing for my etsy shop Christmas rush! It's never too soon.</

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