Saturday, July 30, 2011

Down by the water: a decemberists newport folk festival yarnbomb

So, when Paul and I were trying to decide what to do this summer as a family vacation.   We ran through the usual suspects. England to visit his family. Panama to visit mine.  We also went through a slew of popular vacation destination options, and we just weren't going to be satisfied with sitting on a beach, which is what we've done the last few summers. (I know...such a rough life right?)

We wanted to see something new. Broaden our our eyes to new possibilities..blah blah blah...

Paul couldn't be talked into touring the castles of Europe with our 3 year old, but he did like the idea of doing an east coast trip, and seeing some sites we've both always wanted to see and do some things we've always wanted to do. We planned it around the Newport Folk Festival, in Newport, Rhode Island. It's a festival that has increasingly been on both our radars the past couple of years as our musical tastes have headed in that new folk arena.

What cinched it was when we found out the Decemberists were playing. I've been a fan for years, and my son, Finnegan, just goes crazy for them. The first time he heard the Crane Wife, he just wanted to hear it over...and over and over again. Then when The King is Dead came out, he went even more crazy for that one. Finnegan has a great ear for instruments and the first time he heard Down by the Water, he was like " you hear the harmonica?" I just knew I had to get this kid to a Decemberists' concert. Newport seemed like a great opportunity.

This yarnbomb is inspired by the Decemberists' album cover for Castaways and Cutouts. It's a great image...souls drifting off a ship out into sea. A fan myself of nautical imagery with my own romanticized notions about voyages at sea., and given the Newport Folk Festival's proximity to the water, it just seemed all too fitting.

So if you found it, I hope you had fun at the festival, I'm sure we did!

Next yarnbomb stop: Boston and a much anticipated Boston Red Sox game at Fenway.

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