Sunday, July 3, 2011

Awww Yeah Titans! A yarnbomb.

If you found my Ventura Tiny Titan Robin roasting marshmallows yarn bomb...then  Yay!  Read along to find out why he's in your fair city.

So, in my quest to make all of my street art both pop culture influenced and something that my 3 year old can relate to, I really had a hard time coming up with something for our big 4th of July camping trip to Mcgrath State Beach in Ventura, CA.  That is, until I remembered that in the Tiny Titans trade #1 the Titans go on a field trip, and there's a really great image of them sitting around a campfire roasting I borrowed the part with Robin because he's my son's favorite Tiny Titan.

(For the record the Tiny Titans are this really great comic book drawn and co-written by Art Baltazar with some of your favorite major and minor DC characters as elementary school kids...with elementary school superhero problems.  My 3 year old gets about 1/20th of the humor, but he insists that it's his favorite of all time and goes to sleep reading it every night)

Camping is totally one of those things I did every single summer growing up.  I even thought it was fun as a teenager when most kids have outgrown enjoying family vacations.  My parents were pretty laid back, and it was a good excuse to play in a lake and eat hot dogs (being a vegetarian now..mostly means I'll just have to enjoy the smell of them from other people's bbqs).

  Finnegan loves it too.  There's an endless amount of sticks, endless sand for endless hours of playing, and sometimes we go with our friends the Reas family, who have a 3 year old daughter themselves.  Finnegan and Ava: they fight, they hug, they share, they dance, they fight some more, and they really enjoy going in each other's tents.  We (the adults) sneak in a beer here or there and just enjoy being out of the city (the city in our case being Los Angeles) for a couple of days.  I also kind of hope that we're instilling in Finnegan a sense that you can have a really amazing time with very few bells and whistles. bells and whistles mostly being defined by ANYTHING that can be purchased at a Disney Store.

Is camping a total pain in the butt? Sure.  with all that setting up tents, and remembering to bring things like bottle openers and matches, but it's so fun in this really simple way that you just can't get staying in a hotel room.

Robin can be found near the playground under the Ventura pier on a palm tree. We go to this spot everytime we're in town. Next yarn bomb?  Newport Folk Festival.  Stay tuned.

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