Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's happening tonight. Yarnbombing 18th....and other news.

So, tonight is the night.  Dez and I spent the morning with furiously flying fingers trying to put some finishing touches on the bench we're bombing for tonight's Yarnbombing 18th Art Exhibit.  It has been a lot of fun helping Dez realize her vision, and makes me want to be more ambitious if something like this comes around again because I couldn't help but think of what I would create, and I think I have kind of an awesome idea...that I really hope I have the opportunity to execute one day.

Pictured above:  Me with furiously flying fingers.

In other news....I plan on yarnbombing every city and major activity we venture to this summer on vacation beginning with a 4th of July trip to Ventura, CA moving onto Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island, a Red Sox game at Fenway in Boston, a trip to the Central Park Zoo in NYC, Finnegan's first Warped Tour, and finishing it off with a trip to a cabin in Big Bear.  So, look out poles, benches, and trees....I'm coming for you!

It's looking to be a very busy summer of yarnbombing and preparing  for what I hope will be a busy Christmas season for my Etsy shop.  Paul has agreed to go 50/50 if I can come up with half the money for some invisalign braces (an expense he refuses to see the necessity for).  I'll never admit it in person, but I've always wanted a straight perfect smile, and even if it takes me years of blood, sweat, tears, and skeins of yarn, I will get braces...and I will have that awesome smile I have so longed for.  

Also, another big thanks to Giant Robot for the great shout out that brought so much attention to my Totoro yarnbombing piece from last weekend.

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