Saturday, June 11, 2011

International Yarn Bombing Day!

It's upon us everyone.  Started by the lady over at this blog:   It has totally turned into a phenomenon.   My contribution is a little Totoro inspired by the Miyazaki film "My Neighbor Totoro" about 2 little girls who move to the countryside to be close to the hospital where their chronically ill mother is staying.  While there, they meet a forest spirit who makes their recent circumstances seem more bearable.  Totoro is the ultimate neighbor, and I really love the idea of neighbors or of a neighborhood.

 I've made great friends in this "neighborhood" that is west los angeles.  I see them at the Trader Joe's, farmer's market, at parks.  It's so nice to know that in one of the biggest cities in the world, you can still run into a friend at the most unlikely of times.  I hope I'm instilling the importance of friends and the concept of neighborliness to finnegan.  I love that people look out for him, and I want him to grow up to be the kind of person who looks out for other people.

You can find my Totoro on Sawtelle Blvd between Olympic Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd.  He'll be smiling down at all the Japanese food lovers and Giant Robot frequenters, spreading some neighborly love.

So  cheers, and may your day be filled with random yarn bombs.


  1. Thanks!!! Did you see it in person or referred to on a website or twitter?

  2. Fantastic!! I wish had known that International Yarn Bomb Day was yesterday :( Next year....
    Your owl is rocking! Woot!

  3. Oh man, Thanks! Don't wait until next year. I yarn bomb year round! :)

  4. Awesome. My favorite animated movie everrrr! I hope it's still up there.

  5. Me too! It was there yesterday morning. I never know how long they'll last, but I'm just happy if a couple people get to see it.