Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ewoks live in trees

Today (mother's day) I took paul and finnegan out for a stealthy little yarnbombing session. We try to expose finnegan to everything life has to offer, even if it is just promoting his mom's weird love of crocheting and ewoks. If you head over to Glen Alla Park in Marina Del Rey, you'll see it.
I cross stitched this little ewok onto a crocheted panel, and sewed him to a tree? Why an ewok? I'm glad you asked. I find that in being a parent you tell yourself you're going to be sooo honest with your kids, way more honest with them than your parents were...which I think Paul and I are, but I failed to account for what turns out to be a healthy imagination on the part of both Paul and I. Sometimes, when I want Finnegan to do something that he seems to not want to do I'll invoke fantastical creatures...For example:

me: lotion after bath, finnegan?
finn: no, mama
me: what about this magic pixie lotion?
finn: YEAH

me: Finnegan, you should go pee before we leave
finn: no
me: Yoda would want you to
finn: okay

me: don't go under that bridge
finn: why?
 me: because there are trolls sleeping and you might disturb them
finn: are they nice trolls?
me: who can say, best not to take the chance

I guess I chose the ewok because the fantastical world and the real world are never really separate in my kid's ewoks live in trees? to him....they sure do. I wanted my ewok to be a little reminder of that.
So, if you didn't get to see it...Sorry..and if you did.... lucky you...and if you stole it...for shame.
Happy mother's day!

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