Friday, May 27, 2011

Yarn bombing Art Exhibit!!!!!!!!!!!

So, this is totally exciting. Dez who is a much more active yarn bomber than myself has asked me to help her out with a yarn bombing art exhibit in Santa Monica.  It's part of the 18th Street Art Night.  There's going to be a whole street of yarn bombing by different yarn artists from Southern California.  Dez got herself a bench to decorate.  She's playing off the theme of comfort, so we're going to make the coziest street bench you've ever seen.  I came up with a couple of things for the mobile:  a cup of cocoa, a teddy bear, and a pair of slippers.

I also thought that there's nothing more comforting than a sleeping dog by your feet, and Dez let me run with it.  I just finished him up tonight:

I'm super excited about it, and I'm so glad I get to participate!

Also, stay tuned.  International yarn  bombing day is coming up.  Beware Sawtelle. I'm coming your way.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Crocheting Futurama and stuff my friends are up to

I know this is like some kind of awesome crochet blog.  So you want some awesome crochetness?  How about these guys.  Leela, Zoidberg, and Nibbler all created as custom orders.  Leela and Zoidberg as a gift for a bride and groom to be who mutually love Futurama.  My stuff as a wedding present.  awesome.  Nibbler made as an etsy custom order.  They were fun to make, and I'm really proud of how they turned out.

For the record, this nibbler is incomplete.  He does have a cape and diaper.... I just haven't gotten around to adding them to this one yet.

In other news, I have amazingly talented friends doing great things.

1.  My very beloved friend Devon is belting out some amazing songs with her band Races.  I saw them rock out at Silverlake Jubilee yesterday, and my 3 year old got to watch and got his first on stage shout out to his great pleasure. (noted: my kid is cooler than me)
2.  Tony d'Amato is spending hours doing oil paintings of shows that don't exist anymore. (he also does storyboards for money or some such thing)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ewoks live in trees

Today (mother's day) I took paul and finnegan out for a stealthy little yarnbombing session. We try to expose finnegan to everything life has to offer, even if it is just promoting his mom's weird love of crocheting and ewoks. If you head over to Glen Alla Park in Marina Del Rey, you'll see it.
I cross stitched this little ewok onto a crocheted panel, and sewed him to a tree? Why an ewok? I'm glad you asked. I find that in being a parent you tell yourself you're going to be sooo honest with your kids, way more honest with them than your parents were...which I think Paul and I are, but I failed to account for what turns out to be a healthy imagination on the part of both Paul and I. Sometimes, when I want Finnegan to do something that he seems to not want to do I'll invoke fantastical creatures...For example:

me: lotion after bath, finnegan?
finn: no, mama
me: what about this magic pixie lotion?
finn: YEAH

me: Finnegan, you should go pee before we leave
finn: no
me: Yoda would want you to
finn: okay

me: don't go under that bridge
finn: why?
 me: because there are trolls sleeping and you might disturb them
finn: are they nice trolls?
me: who can say, best not to take the chance

I guess I chose the ewok because the fantastical world and the real world are never really separate in my kid's ewoks live in trees? to him....they sure do. I wanted my ewok to be a little reminder of that.
So, if you didn't get to see it...Sorry..and if you did.... lucky you...and if you stole it...for shame.
Happy mother's day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A lesson in copyright infringement

So, my Etsy shop has sort of been going strong since that whole Daria press I got a while ago.  When I first got the email from the journalist wanting to talk about my doll....all I saw was the word MTV and I thought for sure they were going to give me some hassle about taking the doll down for copyright infringement.  To the contrary they featured my doll on the website.  They seemed to get it.  It’s like fan art...that you sell to other fans...

I’m not stupid.  I know that some of my things are licensed characters. I’m an archivist by training.  You spend entire semesters learning about public domain etc etc.  If you took every copyright infringer off Etsy...there’d be scant options.  The great thing about Etsy is crafty people have a venue to make things, make art about their favorite pop icons and sell it to other people who love those same things.  I never make characters I don’t love myself.  People buy these things for a couple of reasons:

1.  You just can’t find a doll for that character anywhere else or anymore
2.  You have all kinds of other licensed collectibles and you’re looking for something a little different.
3.  You want to buy something unique for a friend who you know loves that character and has all kinds of other stuff featuring that character and something bought off Etsy lessens your chance of buying something they already have.

Today, I received this from Etsy:


Above is where I had this paragraph from the email I received telling me the lawyers representing Yo Gabba Gabba told me to stop selling my stuff as well as other people....then I read the fine print which said that the email sent was confidential.....and shouldn't be shared...I'm not sure they can say that and mean it since I have a freedom of speech..but since I'm not really anti-etsy even a little bit...I chose to respect this wish.

It’s a little saddening, not because I’m not going to sell anymore Brobees (I’ve sold maybe 6? at 13.50 a pop....oh no what will I do without that 90 or so dollars annually), or I’m out  20 cent listing fee, but because people who bought my Brobees bought them for their 2 year olds who just love love love him, and that made me all gushy inside.  I made Brobee because my 2 year old loves him and he has the CD’s and he’s seen the concert, and plenty of money has been thrown at Yo Gabba Gabba in our name.  I always had a strange fondness for Yo Gabba Gabba knowing it was created by the singer from the Aquabats, a band prominent during my punk/ska teenage days.  I’m a little disenchanted, perhaps unfairly.

There used to be thousands of yo gabba gabba items on Etsy...and know there’s a scant 128 (and dwindling) that have escaped notice, or are not even yo gabba gabba items at all. The dolls, the hats, the funky little barrettes, the clay molded figures, custom party favors, the clothes...they’re all gone.

I guess I’m hoping this is not a trend.  I’ll miss you Crochet Brobee Doll.  R.I.P.