Friday, April 15, 2011


I didn't even know what yarnbombing was until a month ago when I spotted this little number during an early morning jog. It was on Rose just east of Lincoln in Venice.

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It was awesome.  It was the kind of graffiti I could get behind.  Not permanent, pretty, and unoffensive.  There was a card attached that pointed me to this website.  Her goal is to inspire people, make them happy, beautify the concrete jungle that is Los Angeles.  I was so inspired and in awe of this idea that I volunteered my own crocheting services to any projects she might have in the future, and that's when this was born.

We yarnbombed about 30 cars with side view mirror cozies with friendly sayings.  Just a little something to make 30 drivers smile, be curious, or wonder what the heck this is.  For my cohort, it's about inspiring people.  For me it's about making someone smile with my admittedly kitschy craft.  So enjoy Los Angeles.  I think we're just getting started.


  1. Dear Giovanna, Rose, and All Involved,
    I too have just been inspired by your video, wonderful project, and by the yarn bombing idea.
    I had read today was Knitting In Public Day too (and hoped that crochet counted). My son had, a few weeks ago, brought home a crochet flower that was hanging on a Culver City tree in front of the USVAA with a beautiful quote on it ( site was on the back). Today, driving up Sawtelle, my son noticing the pink Totoro sewn onto a street post, made me turn around, park the car, and come admire it! Yes, I too love our neighborhood, West LA (and Culver City too!) and the beautiful people we have living and crocheting in it. As a fellow crocheter ( hope to run into you at our WLA Farmer's Market this and every Sunday :-) Keep hooked! XO Iva

  2. Oh wow, that's just great! All Spun Out is my friend Dez! She'll be really happy to hear that one of her flowers found a good home. Your things are beautiful! I hope we run into each other, and you should check out the art exhibit next week. I'm helping Dez with an installation.