Monday, April 11, 2011

me? interviewed? for sure. why not.

So, a few days ago this journalist blogger Adam K. Raymond hits me up on the old Etsy site about my Daria doll.  He asks me some questions. I answer them, and now you can find the write up for here.  I'm not going to go into how awkward it is to see your name in print, or have someone talk about you, just trust me that it is, and flattering.  Did I mention flattering?  When I set up to start this little crocheting mini enterprise, I literally was happy if I could sell one thing, and now that I'm closing in on the 100 sale mark, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment on the initiative I took with the help and prodding of some devoted friends.  So, I'll leave this blog at that with the promise that I'm returning to the blogging world with renewed vigor and time now that that pesky Master's in Library Science has been obtained, and that challenging and awesome archiving internship with Loyola is coming to a close.  Stay tuned folks.  There's some yarnbombing in my future with the help of this inspirational lady.

The dirty crochet business of this post.
Daria, in all her awkward cynical glory.  I hand sew her skirt and jacket.  Shape her eyeglasses out of a pipe cleaner.  I crochet the body parts and use this crazy technique to make her hair.  She's definitely detailed, but whips up pretty quickly.