Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A totoro trio

Keeping up with blogs is like one of those things that make me question whether I’m truly the multi-tasking overachiever I claim to be, but since I seem to be concentrating my efforts toward my etsy shop these days, I thought I should update my companion blog.

The etsy shop is going well. I’ve had 5 official orders ranging from Batman to Totoro to rocketships. Totoro being my biggest seller. Officially I’ve sold 3 (unofficially 2 since I refunded Silas his money) with someone who emailed me claiming they’re going to order one on Friday. If demand like this keeps up, I may have to up the price! (i kid...or do i?)

Today I’ll feature Totoro and his little blue and white friends.

The trio were inititally a custom order for someone I met at a Pee-Wee’s playhouse themed party, but I was so happy with how Totoro came out, that I just had to add him to my shop.

I’m currently working on Max from Where the Wild Things Are, which is inspired by my son’s favorite sleeptime companions which include a small 4 inch tall Max and a small ewok doll. When he wakes up in the morning he says “i have so many friends!” and holds up max and wicket for me or Paul to see. which might be the cutest thing ever. If you haven’t guessed...Wicket is probably next on the list unless something comes up.

I should also say that this blog linked to one of my items, so I felt I should give them some props back. It’s cute. She has a theme, and seeks out handmade or vintage items on various sites that fit that theme.

I’m currently searching for more inspiration and ideas of things to create and crochet, so please....don’t hesitate to suggest.

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