Thursday, February 4, 2010

a well-dressed boy

I have vowed to be more active in blogging, at least this blog anyway. My personal one suffers. I tried to think about how I should tackle this blog. I have made probably a gazillion things. and you can't really write about a gazillion things. so i decided to talk about the clothes i've made for my nearly 2 year old boy. He's a good sport. He wears the clothes and the hats and acts like a real champ about it all. I know I have a limited window in which he'll actually sport this stuff. Soon enough he'll be rebelling against me and demanding batman t-shirts. (i will postpone his discovery of things like yo gabba gabba..and that infectious "there's a party in my yummy" as long as i possibly can)

The first thing I attempted for him was this dinosaur hat, and since then I've probably made 10 of these hats for the assorted little boys in my friend's life, I can say I've perfected it. People at parks seriously go crazy for this hat. like crazy for it. because regardless of the little boy...people think this is the cutest thing ever. Also, I made one for a friend to give out at a baby shower, and it was the hit of the baby shower. It got passed around, and people just about died for it. I actually sold one of these to a woman at a birthday party I went to. it's all kind of super flattering really.

Next, I tackled a vest. I think @tonydamato commented something to the effect that it wasn't bad enough his name was finnegan. but I thought he looked rather dapper.

Seeing what a success the dinosaur hat was, I decided to branch out into other creatures. I thought..what's another animal people really like. PANDAS. everyone loves pandas. i don't really know why. I hear they're more likely related to that nuisance, the raccoon..than an actual bear. but we think they're cute. because they're chubby and round and lazy. and perhaps we envy them just a little bit. i actually made this for a little girl...but finn is the only baby model i got...and he kind of looks like a little girl

The last addition to the wardrobe is this anchor sweater. i absolutely love this anchor sweater, but I was a little worried it looked "too" handmade. that it might give off a mrs.weasley vibe..and nothing against mrs.weasley and her witch-knitted sweaters, but I'm aiming more for my boy having a fun wardrobe rather than one he secretly loathes. So, I decided he needed an anchor sweater because we like anchors. I actually cross stictched the anchor on, which is a skill i hadn't really used since I was about 10, but it came out okay, and the first day he wore it out, someone asked me if I bought it at Abercrombie and Fitch. I don't even know if A & F sells kids clothes, but I think they were paying me a compliment. They said it had that thick well-made quality about it. I can't attest to the quality of A & F's clothes, but I know it's kind of ridiculously overpriced preppie clothes, so I guess I'm cool with people thinking I paid an arm and a leg for a sweater that really only cost me about 4 dollars in yarn and some time crocheting while watching tv.

So, that's all I got in the toddler wardrobe department. I'm thinking about starting up an etsy store. I'm working on crocheting some stuff to sell. Whether it actually sells or whether I even get the guts to post an entirely different neurotic blog post. so i'll spare you.

p.s. excuse the poor quality of the photos...i usually take the pictures with my camera phone, so that I can send them straight to my twitpic

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