Wednesday, February 10, 2010

doo wa diddy

okay so initially i was just going to post this youtube video of amigurumi animals playing the ukulele, which is just pure awesomeness...

but i figured I should also include some kind of crocheted madness. so briefly. here are some amigurumi of my own.

a crocheted airplane, which is lackluster. I thought..hey my boy likes airplanes...lets crochet him one...but it's admittedly kind of whatev's,

the more awesome thing is this robot..which i actually made before the airplane..but i like to end on a high note. paul is mostly responsible for this family's love of robots. but they sure are kind of rad aren't favorite is probably rosey from the jetsons...she made a mean push button breakfast..and she was kind of sassy...who was your favorite robot?

okay..this was just a quicky...i have important library science master's homework to slave away at.

1 comment:

  1. both the plane and the robot are brilliant. like they came from some british cartoon in the 60s.
    my favorite robot is either the iron giant or the "mechanical monsters" from the fleischer superman cartoon.