Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Creepy Cute Crochet Phase

I know I know..i start out all hot and heavy on the crochet blog...and then what? i just drop a bad habit. my bad. my bad.

So, my next several projects were all directly taken or inspired by this book.  Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden.  Now she has some amazing ideas. no doubt.  Her instructions are a little wonky truth be told, and you kind of find yourself filling in the blanks...

I started with the monkey in a fez.  He was totally easy except for that god damn hat.  It gave me all kinds of problems.  I promised it to @ohmichaelandrew.  Or rather he said he loved that it was the first one....and that it would probably look retarded, but he'd take it anyway.  btw...thanks for the vote of confidence.  I believe it sits on a desk clutter with found objects and graphic design magazines.

My next project was for the husband, @paulforsyth  he said the only cool thing in this book was the the ninja was made.  the ninja was perfect. is perfect. it resides in an office, paul refers to as the cave....

since i had somewhat honed my skills, i decided to branch out, and create my own character.  i was inspired by the fact that i wanted to come up with a housewarming gift for @TarrandeV and @tonydamato.  As self-professed nerds that i respect deeply, I went for spock.  And really Spock was genius.  I don't know how I pulled it off.  You might as well stop reading because Spock was the best thing I've ever made to date.  The last time I saw Spock, he was being handed around a party like a cheap bottle of whiskey.  I think he probably resides on a coffee table of some sort in Eagle Rock.  He is accompanied by an alien in a bikini that can only be described as "okay".  Spock was infinitely easier than that trollop of an alien.  I will never attempt making hair again.

Next came a gift for my friend Amanda.  She always seemed to be in to dia de los muertos stuff.  So I made her a man and a woman.  I've always had a thing for the whole skeletons professing happiness in the afterlife..and the whole "love never dies" thing. call me a sucker.  They were relatively easy.  I don't like the way the man's hat came out, but I love the girl.  She has lots of fun details and techniques I'd never used before.

Finally, @tonydamato made a request for something to adorn his office desk at work.  He says to me "Can you do Speed Racer?" and I says "YES" and I did...and he came out pretty well I thought.  @tonydamato was grateful.  I hear he might have lost an eye (speed racer, not tony) to a drink, but the eye was salvaged in some ice, and was reattached quickly.  Speed Racer was relatively easy, although again the hat gave me trouble.  It's very hard I find to work with getting the dimensions just right. (ironic since I can't seem to get this picture to center properly)

Anyway, this was a fun phase.  I wouldn't go so far as to say it's over, I just haven't been inspired.  So, if you see anything you think would make a great creepy cutie. Let me know. I like a challenge.


  1. HOLY CRAP! Love them all! Ninja, spock, fez monkey & speed racer....seriously amazing!! So impressive.

  2. I love that Speed so much I couldn't bring him to the office.
    He's sitting on my desk at home, beside a coffee mug of art supplies and a little robot toy I've had since I was a kid.