Wednesday, July 15, 2009

After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince came out today, and coincidentally my next project was a Gryffindor scarf for this fellow.  A while back he drew a few awesome robots to decorate Finn's room with, and a portrait of Finn and myself in Victorian garb.  They can both be seen on this blog filled with amazing things..  He is super talented and pretty friendly. and will surprise you with his generosity.  Everyone should have a Tony in their life.  That said.  I thought I needed to show my appreciation for all the awesome pictures, and for letting me raid his comic book stash, and for constantly challenging me to see movies in a different light.  So, I racked my brain trying to think of something I could do, and I decided a Gryffindor scarf would be just the thing.  We have a shared love for the boy with the scar, and Tony is a fan of dressing up for an anticipated movie's opening night.

I scoured the internet for a pattern and came up with this one courtesy of this site.  Although I did change it slightly.

  • 1. ch 40 for a nice, thick scarf.

  • 2. sc 14 rows of red

  • 3. change color to gold yarn and sc 2 rows

  • 4. sc two rows of red

  • 5. sc two rows of gold again

  • Repeat 2-5 until you've made your scarf as long as you
    like it. End the scarf with a 12 row sc of red so that the ends look
    the same.

    I chose a single crochet stitch so that the scarf has less gaps in it.

    It seemed easy enough, but I think I started this scarf at least 4 times before I got it right.  The simplicity of the pattern, begs trial and error regarding hook size, and yarn type.  I believe a bigger hook works really well.

    It took about 2 weeks.  The single chain is time consuming.

    It was fun, and it was only my 3rd project, so it wasn't perfect.  Tony really seemed to appreciate it though, and he can be seen wearing it here.  The scarf can also be seen in a photo entitled "The Death of Harry Potter"

    Until next time when I enter my "creepy cutie" phase
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    1. Aw. Thanks for the kind words, Gia. (*^_^*)

      But seriously, that scarf is dope.